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2017 Bonner Scholars and W.I.L.L. Program

Bonner Scholars are actively involved in community engaged learning with local social service agencies and are automatically enrolled by the Bonner Program in either Bonner FSP below on justice.  Students do not need to select a FSP course.

Students in the W.I.L.L. program are automatically enrolled in the FSP with the Gender Civic responsibility designation (FSP163) Students do not need to select a FSP course.

FSP 161-50

Social Justice: Theory, Problems, Practice

"The question of justice” who gets what and why”has occupied humanity for millennia. Social justice focuses on the question of which groups of people within society get what, why, and how; students and practitioners of social justice emphasize the struggles to attain equitable, fair, and just distribution of goods, recognition, and participation. At its core, social justice recognizes that many social problems require social and political solutions to be addressed effectively; individual actions, while valuable, cannot and will not produce fundamental change. In this course, we will investigate the theoretical approaches that animate and justify social justice, through examinations of specific cases of social justice struggles and issues. We will begin with a theoretical examination of what we mean by justice and social justice and why these matter. We will then examine cases of social justice issues, including race and incarceration, environmental justice, gender, and education. The course has a United States-focus, but is designed to provide you with the tools to understand and apply social justice principles to other cases as well. As one of two Bonner FSP sections, you are uniquely situated to apply the theoretical and academic knowledge from class to your understanding and practice of your service and engagement work."

Course #: FSP 161-50
Professor: Nordquist, Michael
Day/s & Time/s: TF: 9:30 - 10:50am

Nordquist, Michael
FSP 162-08

Leadership for Social Justice

This interactive course examines the critical role of leadership in advancing social justice, with emphasis on successful and failed efforts to address social problems such as poverty, oppression, and the fight for civil rights in America. Together we will probe and critically evaluate several theories and models that attempt to define effective leadership for the public good. We will also engage in an evidence-based, case-study analysis of selected leaders, including famous and lesser known social justice activists, political leaders, and social entrepreneurs, in order to investigate the values, traits, and competencies associated with effective and ineffective social justice leadership. Texts and supplemental readings include non-fiction and fictional works examining root causes of social injustice, and the efforts of leaders to produce positive social change. The course also integrates students' community engaged learning experiences as part of the Bonner Community Scholars program.

Course #: FSP 162-08
Professor: Scarpati, Antonio
Day/s & Time/s: TF: 2 - 3:20PM

Scarpati, Antonino Race and Ethnicity
FSP 163-02

Rebel Girls and Social Change

This course will examine how girls and young women do activism and social change. We will consider historical and contemporary methods, tools, and strategies used to inspire or force social, cultural, and political change on the local, national, and international level. With an emphasis on girls and women as leaders, actors, and agents of change, we will explore what it means to girl our activist efforts, looking at social media, blogs, web campaigns, zines, music, popular culture, protest, and satire. Students will have the opportunity to engage with female activists from within the local community; and will enhance their capacities and strengths as the leaders of today and of tomorrow.

Course #: FSP 163-02
Professor: Clark, Kristen
Day/s & Time/s: MR: 5 - 6:20PM

Clark, Kristen Gender