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Directions for Adding the FSPs to Your PAWS Shopping Cart

  1. In PAWS, click on icon for “Student Center”, and under “Academics”, click the “Search” feature. Alternatively, one can select the “Class Search” feature under “Self-Service” in the menu in the left-frame.
  2. Once the “Search for Classes” page opens, in the Term window, select “Fall 2011.”In the Course Subject window, select “Freshmen Seminar Program (FSP).”In the Course Number window, select “is exactly” and enter the first three digits of one of your FSP selections. For example, if you wanted to take FSP 101-18, enter 101.In the Course Career window, select “undergraduate”.

    Make sure to uncheck the “Show Open Classes Only” box, which is checked by default.

    Then click “Search.”

  3. A screen listinging the sections of FSP 101 (to use the above example) will appear. FSP 101-01 will be listed as 01-SEM(xxxxx), FSP 101-02 will be listed as 02-SEM(xxxxx), etc. Only the first three sections will appear. If you want to find FSP 101-07, for example, click “View All Sections” and the list of all sections of FSP 101 will appear.
  4. When you find the section you want, click “Select class” to see the topic and details for that section. If you have chosen the correct section, click “Next” to add it into your shopping cart. You will receive a notification that the class has been added to your shopping cart.
  5. Now choose “Start a New Search” and repeat this process until you have six FSPs in your shopping cart (three FSPs if you are in the Honors program).
  6. To check that your shopping cart has the correct number of FSPs, please choose “Student Center” from the drop down menu in the upper right corner, followed by “>>” (the Go button). On the next page, click on the link for “Enrollment Shopping Cart” and you should see a list of all the FSPs in your shopping cart.
  7. Once your shopping cart has enough FSPs in it, you are done. Please do not click the “enroll” button on the original “Academics” menu which will enroll you in all the FSPs and will require the process to be undertaken again.