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School and Program Specific Advice

Please Note: The following information is provided from the Departments and Schools. If your program/major is not listed, you can choose any FSP that interests you. If have any questions about what FSPs are appropriate for your major, please contact your department chair or department advisor.

Honors Program: All students in the Honors Program are expected to take at least one honors course during their first semester and  it is highly recommended that honors students take an honors FSP. More information can be found here.

School of Arts and Communication:

  1. Visual Arts and Art Education Majors: Do not select FSPs with 161 numbers.
  2. Music Majors (including Bachelor of Music –Performance, Music –Bachelor of Arts, and Music Education): Do not select FSPs with 164 numbers.

School of Business:

  1. All programs: Do not select FSPs meeting on Wednesday mornings.

School of Engineering:

  1. FSP selection should be conflict free with the student’s major requirements preregistration schedule.

School of Humanities & Social Sciences:

  1. Open Option: Do not select FSPs meeting on Wednesday mornings.

School of Nursing, Health ,and Exercise Science:

  1. No restrictions by topic, but avoid FSP courses that have time conflicts with your pre-registered major courses.

School of Science:

  1. Physics: Students are discouraged from taking an FSP with a 161 number.
  2. Mathematics Secondary Education – Students are recommended to take Gender or Global Perspective FSP. (Race & Ethnicity and Community Engagement are met with required Secondary Education courses.)